About 100 Million Girls

History is changed by the small actions of ordinary people. —Zahra A. (Afghan woman writer)

It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or their spines broken, simply because they are born girls. Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State

To inspire a worldwide grassroots movement of at least 100 million people to fight for the human rights of infant and toddler girls to be free from torture, abandonment, neglect or death.

1. Increase awareness of the massive annihilation of baby girls after birth in half of the world.
2. Educate and inform the west on the plight of baby girls.
3. Pass laws that require aid be matched with improved ratios and protection of the human rights of baby and toddler girls in any country with astronomically unnatural male to female sex ratios at birth.
4. Inspire greater mass media coverage throughout the world.
5. Speak for the 100 million girls silenced over the last twenty years and for those still tortured, beaten, abandoned or buried alive every day.
6. Improve the perception of the value of girl babies.
7. Support efforts to improve women's and girl's rights around the world.
7. Save baby girls!

The Other Holocaust

Sheree Young is a poet, activist, attorney, professor, speaker, and author of the upcoming book, 100 Million Girls.  She has a plan to save 5 million baby girls a year with Twitter, Facebook and poetry. She is focused on the baby girls being killed AFTER birth. Another 100 million are estimated to be killed over the last 20 years through sex selected abortion.

Most of the world prays for boys, brutalizing and killing baby girls because they are “unlucky”, or are considered “maggots in rice.” Often, the mothers who give birth to girls are beaten, divorced or killed, so many of these precious daughters are killed by their own mothers. And it is happening right now, all over the world.

The Baby We Can’t Ignore

Sheree stumbled upon a photo in a Marie Claire article entitled, “The Baby We Can’t Ignore,” June 2001.  A distinguished looking gray haired man sauntered by in a suit.  What looked like a doll lie in the gutter behind him on a busy Hunan Province street.  She started to move on, when she read the headline,

No one gave this baby girl lying dead in the gutter of a busy road a second glance.

That picture haunted her dreams and moved her to do something. Researching, she was shocked to learn that 100 million newborn girls are “missing” in the last 20 years and that girls are not wanted in most of the world. She learned that they are not only killed, but many are often tortured and left to die in excruciating pain. You can read the poem she wrote about this photo and see the photo under the Poetry tab.

Poetry seemed like a good vehicle to present this material, so that you could digest one small poem at a time, instead of trying to wrap your head around this problem with a big book full of statistics. So she began writing poetry and founded this blog to help raise awareness about the extermination of little girls around the world.

To Reach 100 Million Girls and Sheree Rabe

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