You Can Help

Here is How You Can Make a Difference

1.      Pass the word along, talk about it on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, everywhere.  Get the conversation started. 
2.      Ask your legislators why we are not addressing these issues in our foreign policy.  What are we doing diplomatically to help save baby girls? If we put enough pressure on our legislators, they will pressure the main culprits. 
3.      This is a presidential year, ask the candidates what they are doing about the biggest massacre in history.
4.      Join the 100 Million Girls blog and keep up on suggestions and developments.
5.      Share 100 Million Girls with everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
6.      Send your friends an email asking them to join.
7.      Send letters to the editors of your papers asking why they are not covering this enormous issue more.
8.      Follow the Resources and Links section of 100 Million Girls to learn about other groups working on this issue. 
9.      Do not underestimate the power of awareness. This should be all over the news.  The magnitude of this tragedy is enormous. With awareness, more aid groups will begin to address this specific issue. 
10.      A star in India has done a show on infanticde and offeres links to donate to charities working on sex selected abortion if you want to contribute.

Let's illuminate the dire status of baby girls around the globe.  The extermination is so successful that men are resorting to kidnapping women to hold as sex slaves, since girls are in short supply in their own countries. You would think the shortage of girls would mean they would be more valuable, but instead men now pool their money to buy a girl from a poorer village and use her like a slave.  Women are being bought and sold like commodities. Help me save these little girls!

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