Read My Poems on the Reddish Stream of my Blood

Read My Poems on the Reddish Stream of My Blood
by Emaam*

 I want to write.  I want to write about
My dreams which never come true,
My power that has always been ignored,
My voice which is never heard by this deaf universe,
My rights which have never been counted,
My life decisions which are always made by others.
Oh, my destiny, give me the answer, what am I for in this universe?
What does it mean to be an Afghan woman?
Hmmm, I know you can’t provide me with an elegant answer so
Just give me the pen, the hidden pen
So that I can write, that is all I am asking for!

I promise I will take revenge, but not like men
By gun and sword and aggression,
Instead I will write.
I will write even if I am warned not to touch a pen or paper,
I know one thing, that they can’t see that hidden pen with their
Blind eyes, no matter how strong their vision.
My eyes will read my environment, my brain will save the details,
And I will write with the hidden pen on the chambers of my heart,
So that when I am caught and executed,
Perhaps in Ghazi stadium like other innocent Afghan women,
People will read my poems on the reddish stream of my blood.
I will start writing with the hidden pen, and
I know this will lead to a day when girls of this land will be able
To write with chalk on the blackboards of the school
Or by markers on the whiteboards of universities,
And one day they will make their voice heard-
Then the hidden pen will be remembered forever!

* All names have been changed to protect the women.

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Pabot, Susannah E., comp.The Sky Is a Nest of Swallows. First ed. Belleville, 2012.
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The Slaughter of Eve

Summarized from a UNICEF letter from 2005:

We are confronted by the slaughter of Eve, a systematic gendercide of tragic proportions. While the facts are known and the figures easily available in United Nations and other dedicated publications, the issue has not sunk in and, consequently, it is not given remotely the attention it deserves.

A sustained demographic “deficit” of 100-200 million women implies that each year 1.5-3 million girls and women are killed through gender related violence. In comparison: each year some 2.8 million people die of AIDS, 1.27 million of malaria. Or, put in the most horrible terms, violence against women, causes every 2-4 years of a mountain of corpses equal to the Jewish Holocaust.
For each girl and woman killed by mankind, there are scores who are physically or psychologically wounded, if not maimed for life.

Source: Theodor H. Winkler, "Slaughtering Eve The Hidden Gendercide," Women in an Insecure World, Executive Summary, Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces, Geneva, 2005, pp. 1-3.

The gendercide is continuing in many countries, but India and China alone account for the 100 million girls estimated by UNICEF. Many more are killed in Brazil, Pakistan, and other countries.

It is hard for us to comprehend how and why human beings kill their own babies, but in most of the world, girls are not welcome and are considered unlucky, a burden, something to dispose of in the trash. Antiquated views about the superiority of boys have led to a culture of hate and violence for girls and women around the world. 

Many reasons are given for killing girl babies, but this is really about a culture of male domination and the complete control of women. Men decide if she can give birth or not, whether she is a dishonorable wife or not.

I'd love to hear what you think about this?
Why is this not talked about more?
What can we do?

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100 Million Baby Girls "Missing"

100 Million Baby Girls “Missing”

The extermination of newborn baby girls on an unbelievable magnitude has been occurring over the last twenty years.  Estimates from the UN indicate that 100-200 million children have died and still die simply because they were female. Several million girls every year are slaughtered.

This is not about population control.  Only baby girls are being beaten and left to die in gutters and streets, or buried alive.This is not about abortion. It is about newborn girls. Another 100 million are believed to have been killed by sex-selected abortion, the extermination choice of the more elite.

If blacks were being systematically killed because they were black, gays because they were gay, or Germans because they were German, the news would nonstop. Yet, compared to any other tragedy of this magnitude, there has been virtually no press in America on the issue.

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