Resources and Links

Resources and Links

The reason I put up this website is because there are few resources.  There is very little on the specific issue of killing baby girls.  My goal is to raise awareness so that we can begin to pressure these countries to make human rights changes that protect the lives of baby girls.

1.      Half the Sky-Group founded by New York Times Pulitzer Prize reporters, Nicolas Kristoff and Sheryl Yu.  This group deals primarily with women’s issues, which also impact children.  A documentary will be aired in October on PBS that sounds extraordinary.  They also have a book out of the same name. They also list a group of partners that you might check out, though they are almost all focused on helping women, which will help children. 

2.     UNICEF-There are many documents and studies about women and children and some even addressing this massive issue. 

3.      All Girls Allowed-a Christian nonprofit focused on the gendercide in China

4.      50 Million Missing Genocide in India-focused on gendercide in India

5.       Gendercide Watch-looking at gendercide around the world

6.       Gendercide Awareness Project-new project

I have not found any charity that deals with stopping the killing of baby girls after birth  specifically.  There are some religious charities working to stop sex selected abortion, which is another huge problem since another 100 Million Girls are killed this way.

There are some charities in India and Pakistan that I have seen on the net, but I know nothing about their legitimacy so I am not going to recommend them. 

I am not sure why the leading charities for children like Save the Children and World Vision do not mention this issue.  Could it be that if they did, they would be kicked out some countries and not allowed to help?  China and India believe this to be an internal issue and we have no business telling them what to do.  This is not an internal issues, this is a human rights issue and the greatest human rights abuses we have ever seen in the world.

If you are aware of groups trying to save the lives of baby girls who are killed for being girls, please leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to find more resources out there.  

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