100 Million Baby Girls "Missing"

100 Million Baby Girls “Missing”

The extermination of newborn baby girls on an unbelievable magnitude has been occurring over the last twenty years.  Estimates from the UN indicate that 100-200 million children have died and still die simply because they were female. Several million girls every year are slaughtered.

This is not about population control.  Only baby girls are being beaten and left to die in gutters and streets, or buried alive.This is not about abortion. It is about newborn girls. Another 100 million are believed to have been killed by sex-selected abortion, the extermination choice of the more elite.

If blacks were being systematically killed because they were black, gays because they were gay, or Germans because they were German, the news would nonstop. Yet, compared to any other tragedy of this magnitude, there has been virtually no press in America on the issue.

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