The Burqa
by Meena Y.

Navy blue, long and baggy
Top and bottom with different designs of flowers
Hanging outside the shop along with other white and green ones
Swinging in the cold wind of Kabul winter.
Swinging tiredly and wondering about the woman who would own it
Maybe the one who would wear it unwillingly
Cursing herself for being born a woman
Complaining about her inability to see or move freely.
Swinging right and left, the burqa remained wondering
Whose face would it hide?
Whose identity would it take?

Pabot, Susannah E., comp. The Sky Is a Nest of Swallows. First ed. Belleville, 2012.
Afghan Women Writer's Project: http://awwproject.org/

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  1. The Poem conveys the emotion.
    Might I suggest you take out all the 'ands' except for the final one?
    To me it has more impact that way.
    I wish you well with your aims.

    1. Thank you, Robin. This is not my poem. This is written by an Afghan woman. I do have poetry under The Poetry tab also.

    2. I hardly noticed the ands. The poem as a whole was too moving to notice little things like that.

    3. I agree, Debra! The words jump off the page for me too!

  2. The thoughts and wishes of a free woman are with you in your struggle.


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